Our Cheese at Edelweiss Creamery

There is nothing quite like the taste of Wisconsin artisan cheese from Edelweiss Creamery! Our Emmentaler Swiss and our Cellar-Aged Grass-Based Gouda are both American Cheese Society 1st Place class winners. You will be pleased with our selection of slicing, melting, and cooking cheeses.

Using milk sourced from three farms allows us to know how the animals are cared for, what they eat, and that all of our milk is rBGH-free. Bruce Workman, a Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker, watches over and helps his talented team make award winning Wisconsin Artisan Cheese at Edelweiss Creamery.

Buy some today and taste the difference!

Channels Served: Retail - Food Service - Food Processing
Distribution: National
Contact: Bruce Workman, Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker


Please note: You may order Edelweiss Cheese through our WisCheese.com estore website. Our products are listed below and link directly to the wischeese.com website.